Crowflowers (Crowfoot/buttercups)

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Crowflower Symbolism
The crowflower has a complicated meaning because it does not have only one name. The Oxford English Dictionary lists other acceptable names for crowflowers such as the "crowfoot" and "buttercup". The crowflowers complicated meaning can be linked to its complicated nature of being beautiful yet poisoness. Earthly pursuits links crowfoot flowers to ingratitude. The crowfoot is meant to remind someone of their ungrateful or unfaithful behavior. In addition, crowflowers represent the health, fresh air, and the maiden state of a woman. Lastly, crowflowers symbolize childishness. This links to its meaning of ingratitude saying that the crowflower or buttercup symbolizes a person's stubborn and foolish behavior.
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Prospected recipient of the Crowflowers

Before Ofilia drowns herself she hands out flowers to all on stage. who she gave each flower too is unknown but we can guess by the flowers symbolic meanings. The Garlands of crowflowers, nettles, daisies, and long purples seems to have been left for herself. the crowflowers especially hint to Ofilia delivering this symbolic message to herself. crowflowers are pretty but poisonous. Ofilia is ever so fair but she has been poisoned by her love for Hamlet.
the flowers symbolism of ingratitude is reflected in how Ofilia is not thankful for her own life and takes it. Ofilia chooses to drowned herself as the means to take her life. the Crowflowers grow on top of or near ponds and they represent her choice of suicide.