How Online Discussions Work

Periodically, I will post discussion questions here for your consideration and response. You will respond by clicking on the "Discussion" tab above, selecting the appropriate discussion, reading the responses posted so far, and adding yours at the end.

High-level responses will include specific references to text (with page numbers), as well as responses to points raised by other posters (early responders can still earn a "High level" rating by incorporating thorough textual support in their answers). High level responses tell me that you read and understood the material, and are thinking critically about it (challenging some opinions, adding support for others, etc.)

Mid-level responses will address the question in a general sort of way, with broad comments that are accurate, but have no strong connections to specific elements of the text. Mid-level responses tell me you probably read and got the material, but may need to swish it around in your brain a little more.

Low-level responses may or may not address the question, or may be so short and low on content as to demonstrate that either a) you didn't read, or b) you think that just posting anything is sufficient for passing credit (hint: it's not).


These discussions are not formal essays, but I do expect you to maintain a professional tone in your posts. Proofread for spelling and grammar, cite any references made to the text, and, above all, BE CIVIL toward one another. You are allowed to disagree, but make sure that when you do, you are attacking ideas, and not people (that's called an ad hominem attack, and it just makes you look bad).

Go here for a good example of what I'd like to see from you in these discussions.