Plagiarism in Higher Education

Everyone in this class is (or should be!) well acquainted with Hunterdon Central's Academic Integrity Policy. One aspect of academic integrity with which I am most often confronted is plagiarism. The blog Inside Higher Ed recently ran an article on how writing professors deal with the issue, including an unorthodox method used by Kate Hagopian, a writing instructor at North Carolina State University.

  1. Read the entire article and the comments left by readers here.
  2. Click on the "Discussion" tab above and leave an insightful comment, either on some aspect of the article or in response to a comment posted by another student (you may also wish to draw parallels to the comments of Social Studies teacher Steven Maher, who suggested we may need to re-define our definition of "cheating" in the documentary Growing Up Online).

Much like the Growing Up Online discussion, I'd like to see this unfold over the course of the next two weeks (not all the night before it's due!). To that end, I would like every student to comment at least twice by the start of class on Monday, 21 April 2008.

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