Elizabeth was followed by James, who was then followed by Charles I. Charles I was King during the English Civil War (1642-1651). In this time the society became commonwealth and then eventually to protectorate. This resulted in the Monarchy when Charles II became King during the restoration in 1660.

1603- Queen Elizabeth dies and James takes over. He is obsessed with demonology, witches, etc. James was the first King of the
United Kingdom but is sometimes referred to as the James the VI of Scotland. In the year 1600 he had a son named Charles. James and his wife did not think that there son was going to live a long life, let alone become King someday. This is because Charles was a sickly young boy who didn’t walk or talk until the age of three. As a full grown adult he was only 5’4”. Charles had a brother named Henry who was to be king and Marry Infanta Maria of Spain. Henry died in 1612 of Typhoid making Charles the only heir to the throne.

1623- When Charles was 23 years old his Uncle, the Duke of Buckingham escorted him to Spain to find a wife. He meets Infanta Maria and her father agrees to the marriage under one condition. He wants the country to convert to Catholicism. Charles cannot promise this and furthers the dispute with Spain by not completing the marriage. However, on there way to and from Spain they stop in France and they come across Henrietta Maria who agrees to the marriage but is not happy about the religious status. Charles promises to change it.

1625- King James dies and Charles takes the throne at the age of 25. He marries Henrietta Maria who is 16. Henrietta is still catholic and although parliament is not happy about this they agree to the marriage. Now the King, Charles keeps making promises to parliament and to Henrietta’s father about changing the status of the country. He slowly reduces parliament along with the checks and balances system.

1626- Charles dissolves parliament and uses the money to fight the war with Spain. France is still unhappy about the religious status.

1628- Charles reforms Parliament and as a result of this, taxes go up. This is the only way for Charles to get back all the money he spent on the war. no one is happy with him: France/wife, Spain, Parliament, and His People.

1642- surprisingly Charles maintains his country until now when civil war breaks loose.

1649- Parliamentarians executes Charles I
by beheading with blunt axe for high treason. His weak son Charles II stated himself king but no one listened to him; too young to rule. A Common Wealth is established by parliament.

1653- Oliver Cromwell militarily takes over England and sets up a Puritan Protectorate. Puritans demolish all entertainment including globe theater.

1659- Cromwell dies and his son Richard takes over.

1659- Charles II comes back as a man and takes back the throne and kills off the old parliament that executed his father. Start of the Resoration and NeoClasical Period (1660-1780).

Week of April 21-25

Neoclassical Period (1660-1780)

-Return to classical influences. "Enlightenment"- New ideas/progress- philosophy, science
- Reason/logic > Emotion/passion
*Society -- society> individual

A Modest Proposal
Problems so far...
-poverty, homeless children living on streets, not enough food to feed children, premarital sex, women murdering there own kids, unemployment; beggars,
-people foced to move due to poor standard of living, theft; increased crime rates, spousal abuse (abortion, stress of poverty)
Therefore...Let's Eat Kids!
Here's why...
Helps control overpopulation WHILE feeding survivors, parents relieved of responsiblity after first year
-Generates income for poor families; reduces abuse
-Children are yummy
-make gloves, boots out of hide
-Absentee landlords make profit
-Compels couples to marr, motehrs would me more caring toward their kids (commodities)
-Reduced population=less crime, less abuse, more money to go around, fewer catholics.

The Rape of the Lock
-- An example of mock heroic: taking simple tasks and turning them into a big production by using epic terms
--Written by Alexander Pope (born 1688)
A short man of only 4'6'' who suffered from tuberculosis of the bone throughout his life

Plot Summary: (cliff note version) A baron admires a young girl from a far. He decides he is going to take a lock of her hair and she gets upset. Throughout the story, her guardian sylph Ariel is trying to protect her from whatever may unfold during the course of the day.