Frankenstein Visual Essays

This assignment will require you to combine elements of traditional literary analysis with more contemporary methods of digital storytelling. In each of your four groups, you will be required to reflect on one of the essential questions below. Your response to your question will require the following elements:

  • A concise, yet meaningful, thesis statement that reflects the majority opinion of your group
  • A minimum of four primary supporting arguments ("topic sentences")
  • Multiple, specific examples from the text (3-4 minimum)
  • A visually appealing method of presenting your argument

Since this is not a traditional essay, use the freedom you have to explore visually significant methods of getting your point across. Find images from Flickr Creative Commons or, better yet, create your own original art or digital photography to help express your ideas.

Since you will be using both text and images to express your point, you'll need to incorporate multiple images into each section of your argument. This can be both blessing and curse; you may find it easier to just write what you feel. This project significantly limits your ability to do so, and thus forces you to develop more creative methods of using visual images and design to convey meaning.

It may be tempting to just create subheadings for each topic sentence; try to come up with something more creative. Create new pages for each supporting argument, play with the physical layout of links, text and pictures (to the extent that Wikispaces will allow, anyway), just do something new and different.

Work together as a class to determine which group will work on which question. Once you've established that, you'll find each question on a separate page. That page is your group's canvas; go nuts. You'll have this entire block to work on this, and the finished product will likely be due early next week.

Essential Questions