Honors Brit Lit: Why??

Of all the many English course offerings at HCRHS, only three deal exclusively with British Literature. Of those, only one is designated as an Honors course. To me, this means that you as students had to make some serious decision-making in order to end up here this semester.

In order to get to know you all a little better, I'd like you to consider the following questions:

  • Why did you sign up to take Honors Major British Writers
  • What are your expectations of this course?
  • What are you most looking forward to in this course?
  • What are you most fearful of in this course?

Please log into your Wikispaces account, click the "discussion" tab above, and leave a concise, yet detailed response that addresses at least two of the above questions. As more people start to post their thoughts, I would like for later posters to react & respond to earlier posters in their messages.

This may be a new assignment format for some of you. We'll develop more in-depth guidelines as we discuss more academic & literary topics, but for now, use these guidelines:
  • Even though it's the Internet, it's still an Honors level school assignment. Use appropriate voice and proofreading skills.
  • Flesh out your thoughts and provide support, but don't ramble. I'd rather see a shorter, but richer, higher-quality piece than a long one that rambles.

Posts must be made by 10:30 am, Thurs., 31 Jan 2008.

Please go here and here for examples of the depth of response I'd like to see.