May 21, 2008
Imagery in "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
-looking glass ties (plasticine porter)
-marmalade skies
-rocking horse people (Marshmallow pies)
-cellophane flowers- yellow and blue
-tangerine trees
-newspaper taxis
-kaleidoscope eyes

-no strong beginning/middle/end, scattered thoughts

May 27, 2008
Oscar Wilde 1854-1900
-born in Dublin, Ireland
-Parents of high society
-mom- poet/journalist
-dad- philanthropist/prominent surgeon
1874-1878- Attended Magdalen College in Oxford, England
-noted for outlandish behavior- "metro sexual"
1876- Frank Miles
1878- Attained B.A. degree
-Heavily involved in Aestheticism/Decadence
-Aestheticism- art for art's sake
-decadence- response to critics of Romanticism
-Many arts-related jobs
-lectured on aestheticism in Paris, Britain...
-art reviewer
-writer/editor to magazines
-short stories, fairy tales, only novel- The Picture of Dorian Gray 1891
Significant others
-Florence (1878)
-Constance (1884)
-Lord Alfred (1891)- very flamboyant relationship
-Wilde's creative and critical peak years
-Lady Windermere's Fan (1892) / A Woman of No Importance (1893)
Homosexuality and English law
-1533- Capital offense under Henry VIII
-Sodomy- non pro creative sex
-Sodomite- engages in sodomy
-1828- downgraded to felony; punishable by imprisonment
-1885- Social Purity Movement/ Criminal Law Amendment Act
-Section II:raised age of consent from 13 to 16
-"Gross indecencies" punishable as misdemeanor
-1967- private sexual acts, including sodomy, decriminalized
Oscar Wilde & Lord Alfred Douglas
-relationship began in 1891
the Marques of Queensbury (father of Lord Alfred)
-sabotaging "Earnest"
-April 1895- the calling card incident & libel trial
-April- May 1895: Wilde arrested & tried under Section 11 of CLA Act
-served two years hard labor
-Declining health
-wrote "the Ballad of Reading Gaol" about inhuman prison conditions
-exile (self-imposed) and signed his name "Sebastian Melmoth" (Saint Sebastian- honorary patron saint for gays)
-died of cerebral meningitis on 30 Nov. in Paris

Friday May 30

-Jack in country/Ernest in town
-Uncle Jack to Cecily Cardew his ward

-Friends with Jack
-Bunbury- always sick, Algy's escape
-Aunt Augusta Bracknel

High Society
  • shallow
-money is important
-minor- parents
  • materialistic
  • conscious about outsider opinion
- money, smoking, house, 149
  • politics
  • uncaring of others feelings
  • don't care about eduacation
  • hypocritical