Arguement 4:

The DeLacy's are bad people because even though they were breaking an innocent man out of jail, there are better ways to help someone become innocent, by presenting evidence to show this, than breaking the law to get the Turk out of jail.

"After many fruitless attempts to gain admittance to the prison, he found a strongly gated window in an unguarded part of the building which lighted the dugeon of the unfortunate Muhannandan, who, loaded with chains, waited and dispared the execution of the barbarious sentence." (118)

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"Felix conducted the fugitives through France to Lyons and across Mont Cenis to Leghorne, where the merchant had decided to wait a favorable opportunity of passing into some part of the turkish dominions." (120)

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"The government of France were greatly enraged at the escape of their victim and spared no pains to detect and punish the deliverer. The plot of Felix was quickly discovered, and DeLacey and Agatha were thrown into prison." (121)
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