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Symbolic Meaning to the Columbine:
There are many different symbolic views that are associated with the Columbine. A reoccuring theme behind the flower would be sadnessand deserted love.

Another meaning for columbine is "folly," which means "a lack of understanding or sense." This comes from the look of the flowers while it is in its blooming stages, its said to look like a jokers cap and bells.

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A purple columbine means "resolved to win," while a red one symbolizes "worried" or "trembling."

The Character Ophelia was giving the Columbine to:

The character that Ophelia was most likely giving the Columbine to is Laertes. The flower represents sadness, which is appropriate since Laertes is mourning the death of his father. He wants revenge, and is "resolved to win" against his father's killer. Another meaning of the flower is "worried"; Ophelia could be worried about Laertes acting on his anger.

The meaning of Columbine that we found most often was "folly." This is perhaps the most significant reason that Ophelia gives the flower to Laertes. Laertes displays a "lack of understanding or sense": he has a group of people following him, the beginnings of a rebellion, and he accuses Claudius of killing Polonius, not knowing that it was actually Hamlet who had commit the crime.