Frank On Film

When a novel is adapted to film, even a five-minute addition can have a serious impact on the meaning of a character, a scene, or even the entire work. After viewing the 2004 made-for-TV version of Frankenstein, address the following on this page's "Discussion" tab.

Defend or attack the decision to include more about the Creation after Victor abandons him in Ingolstadt.
  • What does the audience gain from this change?
  • What does the audience lose as a result of this change?

Try to make this as interactive as possible, folks - respond to specific points other people make, agree, disagree, and, as always, support your opinions. Everyone must respond at least once, but extra super happy funtime brownie points will be awarded to those who go above and beyond to further the discussion.

Comments and responses must be posted by the start of class on Monday, 5 May 2008.