Welcome to Honors British Literature!

This website is an ongoing project being built by Mr. Bariexca's Spring 2008 Honors British Literature class at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. While it is primarily for use by these students and their families, we hope that teachers or students who find their way here can utilize some of what we create in their own teaching or study of these works.

About the Course

The "Honors Brit" curriculum provides a survey of major British canonical works via six core texts: Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and three plays by Oscar Wilde: An Ideal Husband, A Woman of No Importance, and The Importance of Being Earnest. Supplementary texts include the morality play Everyman and Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, and parallels to modern works are drawn via the music of The Beatles and the comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen.

What's on this wiki?

This wiki will act as a repository for weekly class discussion & lecture notes, as well as a "digital bulletin board" for students' literary analysis, research, discussions, and creative projects. Parents, teachers, and community members are invited to stop by and browse the site periodically (you can also subscribe to updates via RSS on the "Notify Me" tab).

Can I add to this wiki?

Wikis are a type of website known for their ease of editing by multiple users (e.g., Wikipedia); however, due to the academic nature of this project, only invited members of this site (Mr. Bariexca and his Honors Brit students) may make changes to the content or layout of this site (at least until the course is over in June 2008). If you would like to ask a question of the group or suggest information to add, please feel free to click on the "Discussion" tab at the top of any page to leave your thoughts.

Any other questions or comments can be sent directly to Mr. Bariexca via email